Case Study: Cambridge Associates – Employee Scheduler

Cambridge Associates provides endowed institutions, international organizations, private clients, and corporations with unmatched coverage of the investment and financial world. To that end, their consulting staff are constantly traveling domestically and internationally to meet with their clients.

The consultants’ travel schedules are widely varied and complex, so keeping track of their whereabouts soon exceeded the solution originally built to support this. As the firm grew, and the breadth of travel increased, the solution and process became cumbersome and unmanageable. In addition, after the September 11th terrorist attacks, renewed focus was placed on business continuity planning for the firm. Cambridge Associates, our long time client, turned to us for a solution.

We proposed a multi-phased web based solution that automated the tasks of gathering, updating, and presenting the schedule data for the Employee Scheduler application. To support the firm’s initiative to focus on business continuity planning, the scope of the original application was expanded to include participation from the entire firm.

We built several prototypes and asked employees from all levels of the firm to participate in a series of focus groups to review progress. The results of the focus groups improved usability, refined requirements, and organically spread interest throughout the firm.

Change is difficult to manage in any organization, let alone a large, multi-national organization. In order to effectively integrate use of the Employee Scheduler into the firm, we worked closely with our business partners, listened to the staff feedback, and implemented what made sense for the firm, when it made sense for the firm.

The result is a solution that not only supports the needs of scheduling and business continuity, but has been used as model within their IT organization for software development.

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