Case Study: FedComp – VirtualCU

FedComp is the largest supplier of PC-based credit union data processing software. In 2001, recognizing the need for web based products; they embarked on providing E-Business solutions that complemented their desktop products. Their first offering, Virtual Credit Union (VirtualCU), provided credit unions with an online presence and the ability to provide transaction and balance data from the PC-based software.

Each VirtualCU deployment involved creating a static website, a complicated workflow, and the support of several staff members. Creating new sites, processing change requests for existing sites, and doing so with minimal staff involvement, quickly became unmanageable and unprofitable. FedComp turned to Suddenly Software for a solution.

We proposed a multi-phased web solution that automated the labor intensive and costly tasks of creating and maintaining websites. Using a custom developed Content Management System (CMS), we transformed each originally cumbersome website into a dynamic database driven website based on a set of standard templates, allowing customers to update rates and fees, customize content, and link to external sites and documents.

Even though the solution to the original workload had been satisfied, we went beyond the call of duty to suggest an even more lucrative solution. We integrated several of FedComp’s internal systems using a custom web application, allowing customers to create their own websites in a simple, step-by-step fashion, and requiring no input from FedComp support staff.

Suddenly Software revamped the entire VirtualCU product from website creation to maintenance. What previously required 4 staff members up to 6 weeks to complete is now fully automated for the customers to create and manage independently. In October 2006, FedComp surpassed 200 VirtualCU customers, and the product became an unexpected profit center for the company.

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